What Cookin' for Kids is all about...

Cookin’ for Kids is a fundraiser benefiting the youth of Hopkins County by way of the Hopkins County Family YMCA and the Madisonville Rotary Club.  The event will be held at the Ballard Convention Center and will feature celebrity chefs of Hopkins County, many of whom you may recognize from their other gigs as prominent community leaders!  The chefs will whip up their favorite dishes, and attendees will have an opportunity to sample them and tip the chefs as a way to vote for the best bites.  The chef who earns the most in tips will be ceremoniously awarded the coveted “Golden Spatula.”  In addition to taste-testing, the evening will feature games and entertainment; it’s the place to be for a FUN night out with purpose!  Tables and tickets available!

What is this all for anyway?

In 2018, the YMCA gave back over $92,000 in assistance to the community to ensure that no one was turned away due to inability to pay. A large majority of assistance went to the after school, preschool, summer camp, and youth sports programs. These are not programs designed to babysit children, but rather to help them develop physically, mentally, and emotionally with our help. Our five core values are Honesty, Caring, Respect, Faith, and Responsibility. We feel that by teaching these principles it will develop a community we all want to live in. 


Rotary is an organization with a similar vision; help children in need. From Rotary Football and Cheerleading, to a community favorite of "Build a Bed,' Rotary has a feel for the specific needs of our community and a creative approach as an organization to answering them. They jump at any opportunity to not only help children in need but to rise up and provide a solution to any active community problem.